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The free WEMF Facts & Figures app provides an overview of important figures on the Swiss press landscape


With WEMF Facts & Figures, the latest data on more than 800 Swiss newspapers and magazines is always at your fingertips: circulation figures, reach, and information on readership and place of publication.

With just one click, all of the data from up to five publications can be compared with each other. The comparison graphs provide a clear graphical representation of the differences between key data. 

The app is available free of charge in the following stores:


The previous WEMF Facts & Figures app is no longer supported and will be completely replaced by the new app.

Benefits for advertising and media market

  • Quick and easy access to the latest circulation and readership figures (incl. socio-demographics)
  • Benchmark comparisons with just a few clicks
  • Clear graphical representations: Ratio of free circulation and paid circulation, readership per issue, gender and age structure, reach in the economic areas.



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