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The data portal in practice

The practical data portal NEXT>LEVEL offers numerous evaluation and display options

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The tabulation function simplifies detailed target group analysis in terms of consumer characteristics, socio-demographic features and media use. Helpful additional functions (filtering, logical linking, sorting option, conditional formation) support the sharpening of target groups, the narrowing of geographical areas and the optimisation of media selection.


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Rank series

The ranking function enables an optimal media selection as a preparatory decision-making basis for target group-specific print or cinema campaign planning. It shows the gross prices of different ad formats and supports efficient result interpretation.


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Scatter plan

The scatter plan function helps to optimise the use of media for campaign planning. The insertions per medium can be made manually or automatically. Taking different ad formats into account, the absolute as well as the relative costs per user or contact are displayed. Further key figures such as average contacts, GRP (Gross Rating Points) and contact distribution enable efficient planning.


Explanatory video Scatter plan

Occupancy calendar

The booking calendar helps to optimally distribute the bookings of a schedule over the campaign period. The schedule bookings can be made manually or automatically.



The MACH Strategy mediagram enables the analysis of suitable media groups and individual media for an efficient target group approach.


Explanatory video target groups

Strategy and media mix

Based on the media diagram, four media strategies can be defined and analysed simultaneously. With the strategy tool, different mix and mono strategies can be tried out, visualised and optimised as needed.



The cartography function allows the display of individual media, media plans, markets or target groups according to different performance characteristics and various geographical definitions.


Explanatory video cartography

Values Psychographics

The MACH Values visualisation software offers a range of evaluation graphics with which target groups can be analysed in terms of consumer behaviour, psychographically and demographically.

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