Who is WEMF

Innovative and reliable

As a neutral and independent industry research organisation, WEMF AG für Werbemedienforschung ensures transparency in the media and advertising market. It provides market players with relevant strategic and tactical data to support them in their decision-making.

WEMF’s primary task is the systematic, continuous, unbiased gathering of data on media usage and consumption behaviour. On behalf of the media and communications industry, WEMF conducts national readership research and circulation certification of press media in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. It certifies DOOH and collects various marketing-relevant statistics. With MedienDB, it provides the market with a platform for efficient advertising planning. WEMF also publishes MACH Consumer, the largest annual consumer study in Switzerland.

WEMF is performance-oriented, but not profit-driven. The majority of the studies are pre-financed by the parties participating in the studies.

Currency-setting, cross-media and tailored to individual needs

The studies conducted by WEMF set the currency for press media, cinema and sponsoring. WEMF also collects data on other media types including online, television, radio, out-of-home, public transportation advertising and direct mail.

In addition to the proven multi-client studies, WEMF offers personalized consulting and research services in the areas of "Product Consulting" and "Ad-hoc Research".

Continually working to serve the media and communications industry

Since the founding of WEMF in 1964, the media landscape has changed considerably. However, WEMF has kept its eye on the ball. It has continually developed its range of services in line with the latest media developments, market needs and scientific findings. Special attention continues to be paid to the strategic all-media approach, which has become increasingly important for the market.

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