WEMF Association, Board of Directors, Executive Board and Commissions

WEMF is a Joint Industry Committee (JIC). The WEMF Association holds 100 % of the shares and is made up of delegates from the most important industry associations. There are three commissions which advise WEMF and oversee its projects.

WEMF Association

WEMF is a public limited company. As the sole sponsor, the Association holds 100 % of the shares (share capital CHF 1,000,000) of WEMF AG für Werbemedienforschung and, like the latter, pursues a non-profit-making purpose. It elects the Board of Directors of WEMF and is composed of members of the following associations: SCHWEIZER MEDIEN (VSM), MÉDIAS SUISSES, STAMPA SVIZZERA, Schweizer Werbe-Auftraggberverband SWA and Leading Swiss Agencies LSA. The Association's governing body is the Association Assembly.

Board of Directors and Executive Board

The Board of Directors and the Executive Board of WEMF are comprised as follows:

Board of Directors Icon/plus_white

Marcel Kohler, representative Verband SCHWEIZER MEDIEN, Präsident

Gianluca Bonetti, representative STAMPA SVIZZERA

Michi Frank, representative Verband SCHWEIZER MEDIEN

Roger Harlacher, representative Schweizer Werbe-Auftraggeberverband SWA

Beat Krebs, representative Leading Swiss Agencies (LSA)

Thierry Kunstmann, representative MÉDIAS SUISSES

Roberto Rhiner, representative Verband SCHWEIZER MEDIEN

Alexander Theobald, representative Verband SCHWEIZER MEDIEN

Stefan Wabel, representative Verband SCHWEIZER MEDIEN

Executive Board Icon/plus_white

Dr. Jella Hoffmann, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Marco Bernasconi, Deputy Chief Executive Officer (Deputy CEO)

Dr. Marc Sele, Executive Director of Data and Tools

Extended Executive Board Icon/plus_white

Roland Achermann, Director of Media Audits

Finn Stein, Director of Research and Development

Mike Weber, Director of Marketing and Sales


Three commissions advise WEMF and oversee its projects. They ensure the quality, neutrality and market proximity of WEMF's business activities. The WEMF Board of Directors elects the committee members for a term of three years.

Research Commission (RC) Icon/plus_white

The Research Commission (RC) advises WEMF on methodological and research-related issues. The RC members are elected ad personam.

Mitja Ruggle, TX Group, President

Prof. Dr. Andreas Fahr, University Freiburg

Caroline Meyer, TX Group

Alison Mosena, Impact Medias

Pamela Pozzi, Neue Zürcher Zeitung AG

Pascal Reist, Ringier AG

Matteo Rezzonico, Rezzonico Editore SA

Michael Selz, Omnicom Media Group Schweiz AG

Andreas Weiss, Publicis Media AG

Monica Zihs, CH Media AG

Finn Stein, WEMF

Sebastian Gull, WEMF, Speaker

Commission for Circulation and Dissemination (KAV) Icon/plus_white

The Commission for Circulation and Dissemination (KAV) advises WEMF’s Board of Directors on the definition of the content of the regulations for the area of circulation certification. The KAV is comprised of delegates of leading associations in the media and marketing industry. In the event of any objections to decisions made within the framework of the regulations, the KAV acts as the final appeal authority.

Jürg Weber, Verband SCHWEIZER MEDIEN, President


Thierry Furrer, MÉDIAS SUISSES

Matthias Glauser, Schweizer Werbe-Auftraggeberverband SWA

Yves Golaz, CS Communication Suisse

Manuela Gualeni, Schweizer Werbe-Auftraggeberverband SWA

Pascal Krattinger, Verband SCHWEIZER MEDIEN

Beat Krebs, Leading Swiss Agencies (LSA)

Catherine Purgly, Leading Swiss Agencies (LSA)

Marco Bernasconi, WEMF

Roland Achermann, WEMF, technical consultation

User Commission (UC) Icon/plus_white

The User Commission (UC) monitors the development of the media and advertising landscape and of commercial advertising media research. It advises the WEMF management on the current needs, suitability and application of the available products and tools used in practice

Roland Ehrler, Schweizer Werbe-Auftraggeberverband (SWA), President

Irène Abt-Durrer, Goldbach Media (Switzerland) AG

Valérie André, Leading Swiss Agencies (LSA)

Moreno Cavaliere (VSRM)

Peter Döbeli, Kommunikation Schweiz (KS)

Oliver Egger, Die Post

Simon Flatt, Schweizer Werbe-Auftraggeberverband (SWA)

Benno Frick, Allianz Schweizer Werbeagenturen (ASW)


Cumi Karaguelle, Schweizer Werbe-Auftraggeberverband (SWA)

Josi Key, Ringier Advertising

Marianne Läderach, Verband SCHWEIZER MEDIEN (VSM)

Felix Mende, SPR+

Darko Panic, Verband SCHWEIZER MEDIEN (VSM)

Stefanie Hitz, Verband SCHWEIZER MEDIEN (VSM)

Cesare Patella, Leading Swiss Agencies (LSA)

Paolo Placa, Verband SCHWEIZER MEDIEN (VSM)

Sandro Prezzi, Kommunikation Schweiz (KS)

Carolin Stass, Leading Swiss Agencies (LSA)

Marcel Tappeiner, Verband SCHWEIZER MEDIEN (VSM) 

Mike Weber, WEMF