The creation of individual typologies


Special evaluations enable the creation and analysis of individual personas (typologies)


By conducting special evaluations of MACH consumer data, individual personas (typologies) can be created. WEMF offers this service to specifically address and analyse target groups in collaboration with its partners from the field of statistics and modelling (e.g. afo solutions ag). The data is used in compliance with data protection.

Benefits to advertising market

  • Reliable information on the wishes and needs of your target groups and their preferred communication channels
  • Optimisation of strategy and market positioning as well as product range design
  • Enhancement and individualisation of customer experience
  • Optimisation and personalisation of customer approach and customer lifecycle management
  • Rapid implementation without additional data collection
  • Support in campaign planning


as per offer

for MACH Consumer participants

from 15 000.–


Languages: d/f

Special evaluations

Depending on the individual requirement and on the respective customer request

ab 15 000.–

Total costs (per year)

All prices in CHF and excl. VAT

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