Ad-hoc Research

The tailor-made research solutions

Ad-hoc Research

Ad hoc research answers specific questions


The ad-hoc research service provides media houses and advertisers with customised solutions to individual questions. In collaboration with the client, WEMF develops a specific research concept using the optimal method to address the client’s question. WEMF handles the entire project management and works together with reliable partners to conduct the research.

Benefits for advertising and media market

  • Customised research from a single source
  • Project management with many years of experience in advertising and media research
  • Reliable data for efficient market development
  • Reliable quality standards
  • Possible links with MACH standard studies

Contact Advertising Market / Media Market

Maria-Isabel Koch
María Isabel Koch

Project Manager MACH Cinema, Consumer and Ad-hoc Research

E-Mail+41 43 311 76 43

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