The certification of DOOH campaigns


The Digital Out-of-Home Audit provides an independent proof of play


DOOH certification enables marketers of DOOH advertising space to prove to their customers that a campaign was executed as agreed. For each campaign recorded, the marketer has the option of generating a digital certificate that clearly shows the measured performance values. As part of the audit, the WEMF employs a semi-automated process to check whether the campaign assignment data plausibly matches the playlog data of the ad server and the telemetry data of the controlled screens. In addition, the WEMF carries out random on-site checks on the audited screens.

Benefits for DOOH marketers

  • Proof of effective campaign plays and other performance values
  • Free access to the WEMF DOOH tool
  • Overview of the status of all planned campaigns
  • Automatic generation of digital certificates


as per offer

from 5 000.–


Tool: e

Certificates: d/f/i/e

Access to the WEMF DOOH audit tool (web):

Generation of campaign certificates

Tabular view

View cartographic

Unlimited data access

Status of all planned campaigns

Performance values:

Number of Plays


Share of Voice

Campaign performance

Setup fee (one-time):

depending on the system used

8 000.– bis 15 000.–

Participation fee:

Sampling by WEMF depending on the number of audited screens:

Surcharges (per hour):

Depending on customer requirements for customised adaptations


Total costs (per year)

All prices in CHF and excl. VAT

Contact DOOH marketer

Marc Sele
Dr. Marc Sele

Executive Director of Data and Tools

E-Mail+41 43 311 76 64
Roland Achermann
Roland Achermann

Director of Media Audits

E-Mail+41 43 311 76 62

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