Sustainability Report

Relevant insights into the sustainability of your target group

Content Nachhaltigkeits-Report

The free Sustainability Report provides marketers with relevant data for market cultivation and a tailored approach to addressing their target groups.


The detailed report provides information on the attitudes as well as the information and consumption behaviour of the Swiss population with regard to sustainability. Special attention is paid to trends in food purchasing and consumption as well as travel behaviour. Sociodemographic characteristics and graphical representations make the "sustainable" target group easier to grasp. The Sustainability Report is based on the largest consumer media study in Switzerland and is thus representative for all parts of the country.

Benefit to advertising market

  • In-depth knowledge of sustainable target groups (socio-demographics, consumer behaviour and media use)
  • Quantitative information on target groups and market potentials
  • Optimisation of the marketing and media strategy as well as the marketing budget
  • Potential assessments for products, services, sales channels, etc.
  • Identification of new market segments and new market opportunities
  • Supplement to internal data sources and market research studies

The 44-page Sustainability Report provides answers to these and many other questions.

Data access

Are you interested in the free Sustainability Report or in gaining further insights for your individual market development? We look forward to hearing from you.

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